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Tilt-up Construction…An Old Idea with New Results

By October 27, 2017 No Comments

For decades, tilt-up construction has primarily been the method of choice for warehouse and industrial projects. But the trend throughout the US, and of late Utah, is the utilizing of concrete tilt-up construction to compete in the Class A office Market. Although you see a few of these projects popping up along the Wasatch Front, you will see a surge of this product emerge as the construction of choice for high-tech looking offices in the future.

tilt-upWhy this emerging trend? Here are seven contributing factors:

  1. Economics – These tilt-up office buildings are coming in $10-$15 per square foot cheaper compared to the traditional steel framed structures
  2. Speed to Market – We can reduce the schedule of the overall design and construction by two months
  3. Design Innovation – There is much more freedom of design expression due to improved means & methods coupled with enhancements made in materials and systems
  4. Advanced Construction Techniques – There are new bracing systems, inserts, and other accessories allowing for taller and heavier tilt-up panels
  5. Durability – Concrete panels are resilient, low maintenance, have a high fire rating and can withstand heavy weather and earthquakes
  6. Lower Operating Costs – Concrete provides excellent insulation, reducing ongoing heating & cooling costs. Additionally, it reduces sound, making these building desirable when located in noisy areas
  7. Reduced Insurance Premiums – Because tilt wall buildings can withstand severe weather, earthquakes, and have superior fire resistance ratings, these buildings typically enjoy better insurance rates than steel buildings or other types of structures

The Market is Changing

Here in Utah, the market is rapidly changing in the office building environment. Bonneville Builders is implementing the newest technologies and systems in the construction of tilt-up buildings. Local architectural firms are continually pushing the boundaries with new and striking designs. These two combinations are allowing our clients to be more completive while yielding higher returns on their investments. If you have a project in mind, please give us a call us for pricing and a feasibility study to determine the best road map for moving forward.