Real Estate

Our retail division was designed and put into place for projects that need to be completed quickly and cost under $1 million to build. These projects usually include restaurants, tenant improvements, remodels, small offices, retail strip centers and car washes.
In the past our retail restaurant projects have included Culver’s, Zaxby’s, McDonalds, Del Taco, Original Pancake House, Jack-In-The-Box and many others. All of these projects were completed at record speeds and with excellent quality.
Our past tenant improvements include law offices, corporate offices, technology offices, standard warehouse offices, gyms, retail stores, sandwich shops, etc. All in all, we’ve built hundreds of thousands of square footage of tenant improvements and do it very well.
We have also remodeled warehouse and office conversions, office and retail building exterior upgrades and warehouse additions.
Also included in our retail division are small office projects and retail strip centers. In the past we have built real estate offices, insurance offices and CPA offices. Basic or elaborate, we can design-build attractive buildings with great flexibility.
The last section of our retail division includes car washes. These unique facilities can be great money makers if done right. Bonneville Builders is confident we know how to design-build these car washes better than anybody else. We know the equipment and materials to give them great life and functionality for a very long time.

South Willow Expansion

3300 South State Street Retail Center

5400 South State Street Retail Center

All Seasons Pool & Spa

Cinema Six Theaters

Culver’s Restaurants

East Bay RV Park

Falcon Hill Retail Center

Harvest Pointe Retail Center

Jack in the Box Restaurant

Lindon Retail Center

Main Street Plaza

Market Place at 18th

Murray East Storage

Original Pancake House

Retail Shops at 5th South

South Willow Retail Center

Stansbury Village Shopping Center

Tepanyaki Steakhouse

View at 72 Retail Center

Zaxby’s Restaurants