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Does the Project Pencil?

By August 18, 2017 No Comments

Every project we build has a unique purpose and intent and many of them have some component of income generation. Either the building itself generates income through leases or from the products that are produced in them. The one common denominator is someone, or a group of individuals, who puts up the equity to get them financed and built.

For decades, Bonneville Builders has taken a unique approach to solving the one big question, “does the project pencil?” With every estimate, we produce a feasibility study, or a proforma, which outlines the financial viability of a project and its ultimate return on investment, or ROI. Project Pencil

These feasibility studies accomplish three things: 1. It affirms or not, that the project is financially viable. 2. If not deemed financially viable, it is a tool used to make necessary adjustment to bring it back in compliance. 3. It’s used to help get the project financed.

Both sophisticated developers and the first-time builders appreciate the experience, knowledge and commitment we make to ensure that their project is successful in every way. Additionally, Bonneville Builders is willing to participate as an equity partner, making us an integral part of the team and better able to see the project from the owner’s side of the table.

Proactive problem solving is our business and we are ready to help you make your next project pencil.


Steve Bowers