In last month’s blog, we talked about the growing influence of technology in construction. We identified several different ways that technology can help a project from pre-construction through project completion. Earlier this year, Bonneville Builders began construction on a low-income multifamily project in Cedar City, Utah. This project, called Libertad, is just over 95,000 sq ft and features 3 multi-level buildings. It’s also nine weeks ahead of schedule!

Building Faster through Panelization

One of the technological advancements we mentioned last month was Building Information Modeling or BIM. As a recap, BIM allows construction companies to identify problems during pre-construction through 3D renderings. Using BIM technology, we collaborate with our framing partners to identify construction conflicts, then engineer and fabricate the structure. When it comes time for installation, they provide the layout and the framer simply stands up the walls.

This panelized building system allows roughly 8,000 sf of a building footprint to be assembled per week. Technology coupled with years of experience in wood framing, makes the process quick, efficient, and within needed budgets.Libertad faster wallsBecause this process is so fast, other subcontractors aren’t sure what to do. In today’s market, it’s hard to convince other subs that they can get in sooner and have much more space to work in. We have found that this is a huge differentiator when it comes to getting subcontractors to bid our work. They recognize that they can complete our jobs faster and get paid sooner compared to other projects of similar size.

Overall this is a huge example of how technology has changed the construction industry resulting in less cost and quicker delivery of product for our clients. We also recognize the great work our subcontractors are doing and thank them for their continued efforts to make our projects a success.