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Careers in Construction are Rich with Opportunities

By November 10, 2017 No Comments

Last week I was talking with one of our plumbers and he was lamenting the fact that he couldn’t find skilled labor to help with his ever-increasing workload. He mentioned that he had recently heard that the average age of plumbers today is 57 and for every two plumbers who retire only one is found to replace them.

Construction Career

My friend is not the only one feeling the effects of a labor shortage. Grace Donnelly, a Data Reporter for Fortune Magazine, has two recent articles where she highlights the difficulties facing the construction industry. In June she wrote that “Two-thirds of contractors say they will hire new employees in the next six months, but almost all of them (95%) had a moderate to difficult time finding skilled workers for their job openings in the second quarter of 2017.”

In Grace Donnelly’s second article published in September, she further outlined the strain on the construction labor market, nearly $290 Billion dollars worth of damage, from hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Future Career Opportunities

With every challenge comes opportunity. Despite these circumstances we find ourselves in, as an industry, we are optimistic and proactively working to solve this current and pending shortage. The good news is that careers in construction are rich with opportunities. Future generations can look to the construction industry to provide them with unique and financially rewarding careers.

Today’s construction company looks very different than those that our parents grew up with. This industry has something to offer for everyone. Most importantly, it provides high paying jobs and upward mobility. Construction companies highly value and generously compensate those who have developed a specific trade skill. New and excellent paying jobs have also emerged in information technology, building information modeling (BIM), estimating, scheduling, risk management, safety, accounting and marketing.

We have an exciting message for current and future generations and there is a wealth of ideas, strategies and creative ways to bring awareness and exceptional talent to this ever changing and dynamic industry.


Steve Bowers